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I typically have several presentations scheduled, and here are the details. Some of these are open to the public and some are not.

2022/2023 Presentation Schedule
Date & Time
January 24th - Time - TBD Climate For Change As we experience an exploding human population and rapidly increasing pressure upon remaining habitat, the plant and animal communities that make up our planet’s diverse ecosystems are under siege. Along with covering Iowa’s natural history, Ty Smedes, an Iowa outdoor writer and nature photographer has ventured to the jungles of South America, the savannas of Africa, the icy shores of Antarctica, and the high mountain stronghold of New Guinea’s fabled Birds of Paradise. Join Ty for a slide presentation and lecture, as we discover many spectacular species of wildlife, and explore some of our planet’s most wild places. We will discuss the challenges faced by many of these creatures, as we highlight several local and global success stories and consider the need for environmental sustainability during this 21st century. Iowa Conservation Board Winterfest Conf. - Coralville
February 2nd - 10:30 - 11:30am The Return of Iowa's Bald Eagles Ty Smedes will present a slide presentation and lecture which will reveal many incredibly interesting discoveries about Iowa's Bald Eagles and how they go about their every-day lives in Iowa and the Midwest! See eagles eating fish while on the wing, photos which illustrate the plumage evolution of younger eagles, an eagle nest diary, eagles flying with icicles on their toes, eagles diving, catching fish, and much more. Learn how researchers track bald eagle movements, and where eagles come from that winter in Iowa. And listen to the many anecdotes about Iowa’s Bald Eagles. The presentation will also reveal many highlights of the 2nd edition printing of The Return of Iowa’s Bald Eagles, including updated nesting and wintering statistics, Bald Eagle rehabilitator updates, more than 70 new photos, and many exciting new action sequences. The book will be available for sale and can be signed and personalized by the author. Story County Cons. - McFarland Park -OWLS pgm.
February 7th - Time 7:00pm Raptors of the Midwest While most Iowans may recognize our more common raptors, like the Red-tailed and Cooper’s Hawks, along with the Great-horned and Barred Owls, there are many other raptors that only occasionally nest in our state, along with many other species that pass through during migration. Join us for an educational presentation where you will learn about the hawks, falcons, eagles, owls, and vultures that live in Iowa or migrate through on their way to nesting or wintering areas. We’ll discuss their physical traits as well as identifying the prey they seek, and the habitat they prefer for nesting and rearing their young. You’ll also learn tips for identifying these birds of prey, when you spot one sitting or on the wing. And of course there will be many colorful photos to help with identification! Des Moines Camera Club - Johnston Lion's Club - Merle Hay Road
February 14th Time 11:30am-12:30pm South Georgia Island - Nature's Masterpiece In the Atlantic Ocean, nestled about half-way between the tips of South America and Africa, a 100 mile long mountainous island towers above the sea. It’s beaches are a wildlife paradise, crowded with battling bull Elephant and Fur Seals, all vying for space with several species of penguins, which number into the hundreds of thousands! Brown Skuas and Southern Giant Petrels patrol the shoreline, stealing eggs and chicks from unguarded nests. This British protectorate (former headquarters for the South Atlantic whaling fleet) is now managed as a pristine environment. Home to more than 100 million birds, including several species of Albatross, these protective measures are expected to push the population to 300 million! Come see and learn about this magical place, as we ply the scenic bays, aboard the Ortelius, an expedition ship, built to navigate some of the roughest seas in the world. Prepared as an educational and stunningly beautiful presentation. Marshall County Conservation Center
April 12th 9:30 - 11:00am Iowa's Spring Songbird Migration Iowa’s location in the center of the country makes it a great location for observing and enjoying the spring songbird migration. Writer and photographer Ty Smedes will present photos and will share his knowledge of more than 30 warbler species, along with the many colorful vireos, tanagers, and other migrating passerines. Physical characteristics of the various species, useful for identification, along with habitat favored during migration, migration dates, favorite field guides, etc., will be discussed. Photo emphasis is on behavior, including singing, nesting, and especially catching insects and larvae. Ty is a regular feature writer & photographer for the Iowa DNR's Iowa Outdoors Magazine, and his work has appeared in The Iowan Magazine, Our Iowa, the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation Magazine, and other publications. He is the author of three nature books, including "Capturing Iowa's Seasons" and "The Return of Iowa's Bald Eagles", which has been released in an updated 2nd edition, and Iowa’s Wild Beauty. Cerro Gordo Co. - Lime Creek Nature Center - Conservation Coffee Club




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